Done with “Lily,” I will start something new soon!

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Lily Part IV


“I have your present downstairs, if you’re interested at all.” I kept talking only out of curiosity. She wouldn’t answer. Though I couldn’t keep the smile off my lips as she frustratedly blew a loose strand of hair back from in front of her emerald eyes. The sunlight fighting to break though the crack in the curtains played on her face, highlighting her freckles. The light kissed her lips and chin, and left a shadow over her eyes, obscuring my line of vision. Lily had such nice eyes.  My focus fell on an empty coffee cup on the desk next to her, and several more scattered along the desk and the rest of her office. I bent closer to retrieve a mug, and as I did, I pressed a gentle kiss onto her forehead. It was arduous to be as gentle with Lily as I should. She didn’t  know how much I just wanted to hold her, crush her to me and never let go. But she was small and I couldn’t do that. So my fingers were feather light over the skin on her arms when I brought my lips close to her ear. I breathed in her sweet scent and shut my eyes. “Happy birthday, love.” 

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Lily Part III

“What are you doing, Sweetheart?” I asked, approaching her from behind and gently placing my hands on her shoulders. I liked the way my palms covered the curve of her shoulder, and the way she disappeared under my touch. She felt so small and fragile, which only fueled my adoration more.Lily didn’t answer right away, she only continued typing at a furious rate. She was really on a role today; I could always tell, because her little pink tongue would poke out when she was. My thumbs began to rub slow circles on her shoulders.

“So, I was thinking we could go out tonight and celebrate. How about a nice dinner, and maybe we can see a film after?” No answer. Her thin, pale fingers were a blur as they danced across the keypad.

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Lily Part II

I quietly padded across the hall and made my way to the balcony; it was her favorite place to come drink coffee in the morning. Sometimes she painted, sometimes she wrote songs… And sometimes she just watched the pink sunset as it rose over the beach. Lily was not there, though. After ducking through nearly every doorway in the silent house, I finally spotted her in her office. I chuckled at her messy hair that was carelessly knotted at the top of her head, with strands that had come loose curling around her neck. She typed away at that old dinosaur of a laptop she refuse to throw out, no matter how many times I offered to buy her a new one. Her thick-framed reading glasses made an uncharacteristic appearance on the end of her nose. It looked like they had been slipping, but Lily was too immersed in what she was working on to notice.

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Lily Part I

When I woke up to a cold bed, I instantly became worried. This was her big day, after all. The emptiness next to me felt wrong after Lily started sleeping there every night. I reached out to absently stroke her hair or play with her fingers, but my hands met only cold sheets in her absence. I flipped onto my back, letting out a heavy groan and rubbing my jaw. Eventually I mustered the courage to slide our black duvet off my bare chest and stumble out of bed. My feet hit the chill wood floor, and I quickly swept up a pair of wrinkled jeans by the foot of the bed. I tugged them on in a sloppy fashion and didn’t bother with a shirt as I headed out of the bedroom to find Lily.

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So here’s the gig

I am going to be posting bits and pieces of my writing on here, so feel free to check it out!

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I’m new to this, so wish me luck!

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